7.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Ünite Test-2

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There is a new student in your classroom. Her name is Mary. You know one of Mary’s friends and you want to learn about her personality. How do you ask?

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Robert  : What is your sister like?

David    : She is a great person. She ………………

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My sister is very friendly and outgoing person. She can --------- easily.

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(I) My father is a good looking man. (II) He likes working hard. (III) He is of medium height and well- built. (IV) He has got short straight dark hair and blue eyes.

Which sentence is irrelevant?

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My brother is more --------------- than me. Sometimes I wake up late and miss the first class at school but he never wakes up late. He always goes to school on time

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Samantha : What is Alex like?
Bruce         : He is very ------.
Samantha : Why do you say that?
Bruce         : Because he only thinks about himself. He doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

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DanielnoisyWavy hair
MaggiestubbornHazel eyes
JoegenerousCurly hair

Which is NOT true according to the table above?

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I always do my homework. I study hard for my exams.
I make people laugh easily. I love making jokes.
I can’t remember my friends’ birthdays.
I often break some glasses.

Which personality trait is NOT mentioned above?

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You are a teacher and one of your students always comes to school late. What do you say?