6.Sınıf İngilizce 8.Ünite Test-3

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Mark TWAIN is the _______ of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

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Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I went to the _______ and bought a book for him.

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A  : What kind of books do you like?
B  : I like ________. I want to read about the old times.

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1-We visit our grandparents yesterday.
2-My sister were at the cinema last weekend.
3-She bought a magazine two days ago.
4-My teacher and I was at school yesterday.

Look at the sentences. Which sentence is correct?

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Where is the blue book?

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1-When did he go to the bookshop?a-I was at school
2-Did you read this book?b- Yes, I did.
3-How many pages did you read?c-28
4-Where were you yesterday?d- Yesterday.

Match the questions with the correct answers.

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The phone is _______ the book.

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The orange book is ______ the blue book.

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Where is the book?

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*You can learn about the countries in the world.

What kind of book is it?

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