Ünite ayrımı olmaksızın, Tüm 8. Sınıf Soruları arasından Rastgele seçilen sorulardan oluşan testi hemen altta bulabilirsin.
Unutma! Testi, her tekrar başlattığında, Soru Havuzumuzdan yepyeni sorular seni bekliyor olacak.


8.Sınıf İngilizce Tüm Konular Testi

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If you go to Bodrum, you can buy little gifts for your family because there are a lot of ______ shops.

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A : Can I help you?
B : Yes I’d like a cup of coffee.
A : ……………………………..?
B : No thanks but I’d like some milk.

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-Crack the eggs in a bowl and add a little salt and pepper.
-Heat the olive oil in a large pan.
-After that add the chopped tomatoes.
-Cook the mixture for a while.
-Pour the eggs and stir contstantly until it begins to firm.
-Add some salt and pepper.
-Serve it hot.

What is the step before adding some salt and pepper?

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1)conductA) a biological sample
2)fixB) a printing machine
3)examineC) an experiment

Match the words to make a phrase.

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I’m keen on watching comedy movies _____ I use the Internet to watch movies.

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Which of the following IS NOT a cooking method?

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Scuba diving in AntalyaClimbing in Babadağ
*On 29th of June*On 10th of September
*50 TL per person*75 TL per person
*Free breakfast*Free instructor
*Equipment included*Free dinner

Which one is correct according to the brochures?

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Find the option that completes the sentence best.
Jack and I get on very well but ………………………….

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I’m sorry but I can’t connect you to Mr. Kaya. She is _____ at the moment.

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You are sitting at a café now. You want to drink something and a friend calls you. You want to
invite him. What do you say?