7.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Ünite Test-1

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Sarah is never late for school. She always arrives on time.

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Choose the wrong option.

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My father never changes his decisions or ideas. He is -------------------.

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My cousin is more ----------- than me. He has a lot of friends.

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Which of the following is WRONG comparative form of the adjectives?

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Hi, my name is Burcu. I am tall and thin with green eyes and long curly hair. I love my friends and we like going to the theatre together. I like making new friends and helping other people.

According to the information above, what is Burcu like?

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Which of the following is NOT true about Johnny Bravo according to the picture?

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Mary likes sharing. She always buys presents for her friends and family. She is --------------.

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My brother always tells the truth. He never lies. Everybody trust him.

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